Intellectual Production #7

This concept map illustrates how the concept of ‘the magic circle’ (Huizinga, 1955) has made its way into contemporary scholarship.



Flanagan, M.  Designing for Critical PlayCritical Play: Radical Game Design. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2009.

Huizinga, J. (1955). “Nature and Significance of Play as a Cultural Phenomenon.” In K. Salen and E. Zimmerman (Eds.) The Game Design Reader: A Rules of Play Anthology (pp. 96-120). Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.

Salen, K. and Zimmerman, E. (2005). “Game Design and Meaningful Play.” In J. Raessens and J. Goldstein (Eds.) Handbook of Computer Game Studies (pp. 59-79). Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press.


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